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Thu Dec 3 15:37:11 EST 1992

> In advance of some experiments to be performed by a co-worker (and at
> the request of my boss), I would like to find out if anyone has tried
> using plasmid DNA recovered with Promega's Magic MiniPrep kit directly
> for use with the Sequenase kit.
> Has anyone had similar experience tweaking the kit to accept plasmid DNA
> recovered with the Magic MiniPrep kit?

In trying to catch up on my reading I just came across a note in the 
November '92 BioTechniques (vol 13 #5, pp 678-680) by Anderson et al.  
In their article about Sequenase sequencing of plasmids they say, "We 
routinely use plasmid DNA ... purified on Geneclean.   [Geneclean is 
powdered silica.] .... Plasmid DNA prepared by other methods, for example, 
Magic Minipreps ... works equally well."  (The paper does not give any 
details of these purifications.)

-Bill Melchior
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