cotransfection with oct1 help or suggestions needed

Fri Dec 4 07:25:11 EST 1992

dear netters
a friend of mine is doing cotransfection experiments with oct1|2
expression vectors in several mammalian cell lines. the second plasmid
used carries histone promoters controlling the expression of cat.
it has been described that oct1 positively regulates the h2b histone
promoter. however, the more oct DNA he puts in the less cat expression
he gets.
is there any information about possible toxic effects of oct in mammalian
cells or does anyone know any other explanation for this phenomenon?

please answer to my account since my friend does not yet have acces to the
thanks in advance

Horst Ibelgaufts
Institut fuer Biochemie der LMU Muenchen
im Max Planck Institut fuer Biochemie, Raum F310
Am Klopferspitz 18a
D 8033 Martinsried

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