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>wmelchior at writes:
>>> In advance of some experiments to be performed by a co-worker (and at
>>> the request of my boss), I would like to find out if anyone has tried
>>> using plasmid DNA recovered with Promega's Magic MiniPrep kit directly
>>> for use with the Sequenase kit.
>>I also am curious about this.  I was recently given some samples of the
>>Promega system, which claims to act "more effectively than silicon-based
>>media" but is used in a manner VERY similiar to powdered silica, except it
>>uses guanidine HCl instead of NaI.  (Both are chaotropic agents, so the
>>binding mechanism is probably the same.)...
>What is the binding matrix of the Promega mini-prep column used in this kit?

In my mind the earlier protocols claimed the 'magic' resin to "..more effective
than other silicon-based media..". Nevertheless, I have found self-
prepeared glassmilk + 7M guanidinium chloride + Promega protocol to 
work in my hands exactly as well as the original 'magic' resin. Since Gn.HCl is 
more convenient to work with than NaI (it is light insensitive, can be stored 
at RT) I have been using this combined protocol since then. Therefore, though
the 'magic' resin itself does not seem to be powdered silica, it can be replaced
with it. My guess is that the 'magic' is silica gel since protocols utilising 
this reagent have been launched by other manufacturers.

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