northern blot

Ed Rybicki ED at
Fri Dec 4 05:07:01 EST 1992

> Thanks for the northern procedure.  Do you know what really matters, ie. why do
> es it not work for so many people?  Also, have you tried a Dig-riboprobe?  Dave
>  Knecht

A pleasure - since we have it working...!

I don't know why people have problems - except maybe they're losing RNA at
some point due to nuclease contamination of blocking buffer / washing
buffer / whatever.  I have seen what looks like negatives (as seen by
others on the Net) from mRNA blots probed with Dig-DNA, and I can only
surmise that the RNA has been eaten clean off the blot.  No, we haven't
tried riboprobes yet, but will soon.  Glad was of use!  ____________________________________________________________________
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