TB1 (E.Coli) Any Info Helpful

Earl Edwin Rutenber cmdq144 at chpc.utexas.edu
Fri Dec 4 09:29:55 EST 1992

In article <1992Dec3.182959.10559 at vax.oxford.ac.uk> dnicker at vax.oxford.ac.uk writes:
>	Am looking for genotype and important characteristics of E.Coli Strain
>TB1, ref.
>		Sliger(sp?), S.G. et.al. 
>Biochem.Biophys.Res.Comm.,169,1016-1020 (1990)
>	TB1 is mentioned in this paper, but no reference given, and all
>attempts at identifying this strain have failed.  Anyone heard of it?
	See Focus 6(4): pg 7 for a description of TB1. The strain is identical
to JM83 except for being rk- mk+. It was developed by Tom Baldwin at Texas
A&M, because JM103 turned out to be rk+ (as I recall). Should be available
from BRL.


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