kit flames

George W Chacko gchacko at
Sun Dec 6 12:02:05 EST 1992

>In article <9212031324.AA06414 at>, rick at GENEMAN.WUSTL.EDU (Rick Wilson) writes:
>>    I'm tired of reading all of these ridiculous postings about the merits
>> or lack thereof of kits.  If you don't want to use a kit, don't use one,
>> but let's keep your opinions off of the net and get back to science.  This
>> is "methods-and-reagents" not "egos-and-flames", right?


In article <1992Dec5.135517.1 at>
jasper at writes:
>Seconded:  if you want to saturate the Net with stuff try alt.flame or 
>alt.whine or the like and then come back here when you feel better.....

This thread was on its way out anyway. All you had to do was edit your
Kill file or just not read any more postings on that subject. Instead 
you chose to contribute with some whining of your own. Note that I've
edited the "Followup-To:" line appropriately.


Education: That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the
foolish their lack of understanding. Ambrose Bierce, Cynic's Word Book

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