LANL/Genbank Vector database available for searching via Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at
Mon Dec 7 15:13:12 EST 1992

There has been some discussion in the past week about the need for a cloning
Vector Database and the fact that a set of vector sequences was assembled by 
Los Alamos National Laboratory last spring.  Well now that database is available
for searching via gopher.   A typical entry is as follows:

LOCUS       SYNBL2KSP    2961 bp ds-DNA   Circular  SYN       06-DEC-1991
DEFINITION  pBluescript II KS(+) vector DNA, phagemid excised from lambda ZAPII
KEYWORDS    artificial sequence; cloning vector; expression vector; vector.
SOURCE      Cloning vector DNA.
  ORGANISM  Cloning vector
            Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
REFERENCE   1  (sites)
  AUTHORS   Short,J.M., Fernandez,J.M., Sorge,J.A. and Huse,W.D.
  TITLE     Lambda ZAP:A bacteriophage lambda expression vector with in vivo
            excision properties
  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 16, 7583-7600 (1988)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   2  (sites)
  AUTHORS   Alting-Mees,M.A. and Short,J.M.
  TITLE     pBluescript II: gene mapping vectors.
  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 17, 9494-9494 (1989)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   3  (bases 1 to 2961)
  AUTHORS   Thomas,E.A.
  JOURNAL   Unpublished (1990)
  STANDARD  full automatic
COMMENT     From EMBL 27   entry ARBL2KSP;  dated 10-MAY-1990.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     misc_feature    1..2961
                     /note="phagemid pBluescriptII KS(+)"
BASE COUNT      747 a    738 c    755 g    721 t
        1 ctaaattgta agcgttaata ttttgttaaa attcgcgtta aatttttgtt aaatcagctc
       61 attttttaac caataggccg aaatcggcaa aatcccttat aaatcaaaag aatagaccga
      121 gatagggttg agtgttgttc cagtttggaa caagagtcca ctattaaaga acgtggactc
      181 caacgtcaaa gggcgaaaaa ccgtctatca gggcgatggc ccactacgtg aaccatcacc
      241 ctaatcaagt tttttggggt cgaggtgccg taaagcacta aatcggaacc ctaaagggag
      251 (.....) the rest of the sequence deleted for this post


You may search this database using booleans (and, or, not) as the 
search is running off of Don Gilbert's modified Wais code.

The gopher site is:

Name=Computational Biology (Welchlab - Johns Hopkins University)

You will find this database search in the following directory:

 -->  10. Search Databases at Welchlab (.....)

Please read the "About these searches" file in the above directory 
as this service is still experimental and there are a few client-specific

Note to Gopher administrators:

If you want to make a link to this search I would suggest that you 
link to the directory rather than the search itself as the waisindex 
may change to another machine in the not-too-distant future.


Dan Jacobson

danj at

Standard disclaimer:  This gopher site is experimental in nature
                      and developement is ongoing.  We cannot be
                      responsible for the consequences to users of
                      any errors in the data or the searches.

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