Peak Wavelength of EtBr stained DNA under UV?

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Thu Dec 10 15:56:33 EST 1992

In article <1g5vp2INN34f at>, bks at (Bradley K. Sherman) writes:
|> Given DNA stained with Ethidium Bromide and illuminated with UV,
|> can anyone suggest the proper filters to capture the bands with
|> a (non-cooled) CCD camera?
|> Just knowing the peak wavelengths of the re-emitted light would be
|> sufficient.
|>     Thanks,
|>     Brad Sherman (bks at

According to Maniatis et al. (1st ed.) p.161, ethidium intercalated into
DNA emits at 590 nm. Corion sells a bandpass filter (P70-600-R) that fits in
a 52 mm lens mount that performs adequately for video imaging of gels.

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