Vent of Pfu - which is more HiFi ?

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>>>Has anyone out there compared the thermostable polymerases Vent and Pfu ?
>>>Any comments you may have on the RELATIVE merits of one over the other would
>>>be appreciated (eg length of synthesis products, stability, etc)
>>We have compared the thermostabilities of Vent, Deep Vent and Pfu DNA
>>polymerases.  Assessing the remaining polymerase activity as a function of 
>>incubation time at 95 C-100 C, we find the Vent DNA polymerase has a half
>>life at 95 C of 6.7 hours and at 100 C of 1.8 hours.  The Deep Vent DNA
>>polymerase has a half life at 95 C of 23 hours and at 100 C of 8 hours.
>>When we test Pfu DNA polymerase side-by-side with Vent and Deep Vent, we
>>find its thermostability matches that of Deep Vent--not unexpected, since
>>they are different species, but are the same genus.
>From the perspective of a user who has tried all three enzymes (Vent, 
>DeepVent, and Pfu), I have had no trouble using Vent for amplification 
>reactions.  Deep Vent and Pfu have been more recalcitrant to performing
>well in amplification reactions.
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I have found good sequence of up to 800 bp from the primer using the
Vent polymerase.


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