need advice on PC software

Bryan Crawford bcrawfor at sol.UVic.CA
Thu Dec 10 18:54:29 EST 1992

I would like to solicit the advice of readers of this group
regarding software available for the PC to assist with molecular
biology.  Shareware or public domain would be best, as our budget
is limited, but I am also interested in comercial packages.

What we are interested in is software which will assemble sequences
(from multiple overlapping sequence files), identify restriction sites, 
open reading frames, do translations and alignments.

If you know of one or more software packages which do these things, please
e-mail me and let me know.  I am also particularly interested in your 
opinions on the functionality of these packages, so if you would care
to pass on any experience you have had I would appriecate it.


bcrawfor at Sol.UVic.CA  -- member of the society for simple .signatures (SSS)

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