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wetsel_r at wums.wustl.edu wetsel_r at wums.wustl.edu
Thu Dec 10 11:07:02 EST 1992

Greetings netters:

I'd like to make a small plug for a colleage when it comes to Taq
polymerase(s).  Wayne Barnes has developed a enzyme called Klen-Taq marketed
as delta taq through USB.  He removed the N-terminal region responsible for
Taq's exonuclease activity.  He's also published an informative paper
on PCR entitled "The fidelity of Taq polymerase catalyzing PCR is improved
by an N-terminal deletion"  GENE 112:29-35 (1992).

Through conversations with him, it is his experience that Vent polymerase (I
believe this is the one) has more exonuclease activity that the original Taq.

If anyone is interested in conversing with Dr. Barnes about his enzyme and PCR
in general, can reach him via "barnes at biolgy.wustl.edu"     --- yes, that's
biolgy and not biology.... ::grin::

Best wishes to one and all...


haviland at kids.wustl.edu

p.s.,  Dr. Barnes has PCR'ed very long regions in excess of 5-7 kb.

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