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Thu Dec 10 09:06:00 EST 1992

Jaishree asks about the advantages of making your own library

As I was taught, "library" refers to a perfectly representative collection
of clones that cover the entire genome while "Gene Bank" refers to a partial
or bias collection.  Technically there are no perfect libraries, and many
things will skew a bank in one direction or another.  In particular, re-
plating a library will always introduce some bias.  By making your own 
library you get the fresh original, with whatever bias will favor the
gene you are interested in.  Thus, you have a better chance of finding 
your clone in a fresh library you make up yourself (or custom made for you)
	On the other hand, doing a bulk DNA prep from an aliquot of the
library and using PCR or Southerns to verify the presence of your clone 
is not difficult.  If all you want is your clone, and you know it's in
the borrowed library, I don't see the problem.  Hope my oppinion is
		Cheers Jaishree

		Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
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		Dept. of Biochemistry
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