recovery of proteins from phenol

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Fri Dec 11 10:31:12 EST 1992

> I have a highly purified protein that I want to silver stain on a gel. The
> protein is contaminated with a large amount of RNA which will also silver
> stain. Toget rid of the RNA I have tried a treatment with NaOH (10', 80C,
> 0.1 N) but a get a smear of partially degraded RNA upon staining of the gel.
> I am thinking of doing a phenol extraction, but how can I recover the protein
> from the phenol phase in a way suitable for SDS-PAGE? If anybody has an
> idea I would appreciate it very much. Sorry for my poor english.
> A. Vioque
> vioque at

	I have not tried this but looks like it is suited for your purpose

Bio101 markets a glass bead-based (I think!) system for purification of 
RNA called RNaid.  The RNA is supposedly adsorbed to the matrix purifying
it away from the other contaminants while purifying from a gel slice. 
I do not see any reason why the same cannot be accomplished for RNA in 
solution.  Also from your exp with NaOH, I assume you will be able to 
purify your protein away from any salts that come with the RNA purification
Hope this might be of some use. 
Good luck
Raj Shankarappa
bsh at
Univ of Pittsburgh.

BTW Bio101 is an US company in California 1-800-424-6101 and I guess you are
in Spain and there is a distributor in Barcelona, Ramon Cornet S.A
Tel 93-2375562.

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