C. S. Enderlin cenderli at nyx.cs.du.edu
Fri Dec 11 23:49:32 EST 1992

In article <9212120019.AA08502 at iastate.edu> pakapke at IASTATE.EDU writes:
>I want to know if any papers have been published describing 
>electroporation techniques as a means of introducing phage into
>bacteria instead of in vitro packaging and infecting the bacteria.
>   Thanks ahead of time.

A friend of mine electroporates single-stranded phagemid DNA (no phage
packaging) into E. coli using conditions worked out by the lab with
the electroporator for all their transformations.  The transformation
frequency with ssDNA is about 10E3 lower with ssDNA than dsDNA (with
standard transformation as well as for electroporation if I remember
correctly).  However, that probably isn't what you are asking about.
And, I don't know of any publications.

You're probably asking about lambda?  The only problem I see with that
is that most lambda ligations are set up to make concatamers (or 
using double cos sites?)


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