Cleaning electroporation cuvettes

Anthony Davies adavies at
Sat Dec 12 10:05:26 EST 1992

In article <David_Nunn-101292131312 at>, David_Nunn at (David Nunn) writes:
> Anyone have a good method for cleaning cuvettes for electroporation?
> Especially useful would be methods that remove any trace bits of DNA, yet
> do not take a toll on the lifetime of the cuvette (no flames please, I know
> they are sold for single use, only :^).  

Wash X6 with dH2O
Zap again
Wash X6 with dH20
Wash with EtOH
Store dry.

No carry over of DNA, no degradation of cuvettes.  An excellent method.

Anthony Davies
Institute of Virology
Oxford UK

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