restriction map of EMBL4

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> Hi:
> The subject line says it all. I'd like to find a site where
> I can download either the sequence and / or the restriction
> map for the EMBL4 vector.  If there is a restriction map,
> hopefully it might include approximate sizes (based on the 
> linear map). I'm hoping to use the one / or more of the 
> following restriction enzymes: EcoRI, EcoRV, PstI.
> Thanks for any help,
> Don Chen
> Microbiology
> Oregon State University
> chend at
> or
> chend at

A fairly detailed map is published in Frishauf et al., Methods in Enzymology
volume 153, page 107.  This is a predicted map based on what they used to
assemble the vector, not on data.  (Map is of EMBL 3, so the polylinker is 

Andrew Cockburn

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