Cleaning electroporation cuvettes

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Mon Dec 14 22:37:21 EST 1992

In article <David_Nunn-101292131312 at>, David_Nunn at (David Nunn) writes:
> Anyone have a good method for cleaning cuvettes for electroporation?
> Especially useful would be methods that remove any trace bits of DNA, yet
> do not take a toll on the lifetime of the cuvette (no flames please, I know
> they are sold for single use, only :^).  
> David Nunn, Ph.D.
> Department of Microbiology
> University of Illinois
> Urbana, IL 61801
> (217) 333-6131


I've not had to recycle my EP cuvettes yet, but I have several hundred of them
lying around in case times get tough!  I noted in a product review in Nature
347, page 310 a year or two back that an ABI robotic PCR machine uses a dilute
nitric acid wash to remove DNA from its single PCR plate (I forget whether it
was aluminium or not, but I suspect so).  I reckon that if nitric acid can
clean a plate sufficiently that there is no carry-over of DNA between the PCR
reactions then it ought to be effective at cleansing EP cuvettes.  Perhaps it
is worth a go - let me know if it works!


Martin Kennedy

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