Cleaning electroporation cuvettes

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Wed Dec 16 18:37:40 EST 1992

>Anyone have a good method for cleaning cuvettes for electroporation?
>Especially useful would be methods that remove any trace bits of DNA, yet
>do not take a toll on the lifetime of the cuvette (no flames please, I know
>they are sold for single use, only :^).  
>David Nunn, Ph.D.
>Department of Microbiology
>University of Illinois
>Urbana, IL 61801
>(217) 333-6131


Rinse after use, wash with detergent, rinse, soak in 10% sodium
hypochlorite (standard bleach) 5 minutes, rinse well, dry and reuse.  This
will destroy all DNA contamination.

Cheers Klaus.
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