Cleaning electroporation cuvettes

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>>Anyone have a good method for cleaning cuvettes for electroporation?
>>Especially useful would be methods that remove any trace bits of DNA, yet
>>do not take a toll on the lifetime of the cuvette (no flames please, I know
>>they are sold for single use, only :^).  
>>David Nunn, Ph.D.
>>Department of Microbiology
>>University of Illinois
>>Urbana, IL 61801
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We electroporate yeast.  I routinely wash out the cuvettes in a mild 
detergent, rinse them thoroughly, soak them in EtOH (often overnight) and 
then dry them in a sterile hood.  I've been using the same set for a year now, 
and they are just beginning to show some cracks.  I havent seen any sign of 
carryover of cells or DNA in my expts.

susan forsburg

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