None (HPRT Northerns)

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Mon Dec 21 20:34:33 EST 1992

In article <9212210803.AA19833 at>, URA1335 at FRCITI51.BITNET writes:
> Hi! netters,
> does anybody know the hybridation pattern of
> human fibroblast's HPRT mRNA on northern blots?
> normally mRNA=1,6 kb?
>  I detect a band around 28 s RNA
> with a human HPRT cDNA
> thanks for answers
> Dr. Serdar ARAL
> E-Mail: "URA1335 at FRCITI51.bitnet"

If you are using total RNA rather than poly-A RNA, maybe you're seeing cross
hybridization with the 28s - the vast excess of RNA in this region of the gel
sometimes gives a non-specific background signal.


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