Fast DNA from muscle biopsies

Paulo Magalhaes pamaga at
Mon Dec 21 11:06:17 EST 1992


In the course of my work I have to extract DNA from muscle
biopsies. Since I have to deal with quite a number of samples,
I have set up a simple, fast and efficient method, basically
constructed from a number of published protocols (in short,
I homog. the biopsies, stew the homogenate in ProK, PhOH/CHCl3
extract, NH4Ac precipitate, EtOH wash and, presto, the DNA is
ready to be dissolved in T10E0.1!).

The weak point in the protocol (yeah, nothing is perfect...), is
yield. In general I have no problems, ending up with more DNA then
I need, even for complex analysis; sometimes, however, I have to
extract DNA from really _tiny, tiny_ (not to say ridiculously small!)
biopsies. It's then that trouble knocks on my door...

So, does anyone have a quick and efficient protocol for extracting
DNA from muscle biopsies?

Has anyone worked with the Qiagen columns? (using muscle tissue, of course!)

Thanks for all the info,


PS - Should anyone want a more detailed version of the protocol I
now use, I'd be more then happy to share it - just drop me a line
to pamaga at

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