? How to destroy DNA chemically (to reuse DNA columns)

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Dec 23 00:41:42 EST 1992

In a previous article, djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Dennis J. Templeton) says:

>Well, the old cheapskate (me) has broken down and bought a bunch of
>silica-based columns for DNA column purification (plasmid).  We went with
>those from Machery Nagel (Nucleobond) bought in the US from The Nest Group.
>These are similar to the Qiagen columns, but the Nest Technical support was
>more informative and they were a little cheaper.

I am confused.  Qiagen columns are DEAE anion exchangers and yet you say
they are similar to a silica column?

Second point: sounds like you are wasting time and effort and taking a
potentially hazardous (in time and money) risk in trying to re-use columns.
Qiagen columns are not *that* expensive.  Spend the extra money and sleep
well at night.  Sure as hell beats troubleshooting.
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