Sequencing Primers for Automated Sequencing

Philip L. Carl plc at
Tue Dec 22 17:06:23 EST 1992

From: plc at (Philip L. Carl)
Newsgroups: bionet.molbio.methds-regnts
Subject: Sequencing Primers for Dye Terminators
Distribution: world
Organization: UNC-CH School of Medicine
I am posting this on behalf of a colleague who runs the automated
sequencing facility here.  She would like to obtain the sequence of
primers that have worked for priming vectors other than the M13 forward
and reverse primers.  She uses the ABI Taq sequencing system and would
particularly like to know about experiences with primers such as T3, T7,
SK, KS (for Bluscript vectors)  and SP6, and the lambda gt11 forward and 
reverse primers.  Please include any information about sequencing
conditions if they differ from the standard ABI protocols.  I believe
there is a new newgroup for automated sequencing questions, but I've lost
the address, so if someone could supply it and/or forward this notice to
that newsgroup I would appreciate it.  Thanks

Phil Carl
Program in Molecular Biology
and Biotechnology, UNC

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