Seeking psoralen tethered oligos

SEGAL, DAVID JAY djs1539 at
Thu Dec 24 17:52:00 EST 1992

I am seeking a phosphoramidite derivative of psoralen which can be coupled 
to an oligonucleotide directly on the synthesizer column.  Apparently
there is such a derivative available from a company called Glen Research,
but this derivative only has a two carbon tether.  I need a 6 carbon
tether.  Ideally I would also like the linkage to be to carbon 5 or 8 of
the psoralen, rather than a furan carbon.

If anybody has any information on such a beast, or even knows what the
he*l I'm talking about, please E-MAIL me a reply.  Any info on a
psoralen I can tether to an oligo would be appreciated, journal refferences,
labs, companies... whatever.

and have a Happy Holiday Season!!!!!:)

- Dave Segal
- Biochemistry, U. of Utah
- (801) 581-3848
- CarrollLab at or
  dave.segal at

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