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> A few months ago there was a posting indicating how to obtain
>access to MEDLINE for free. I would appreciate if somebody can
>send this information.

As far as I know, MedLine access is *not* free.  You can subscribe to 
MedLine via a CD-ROM service, or use MedLines over the Internet using 
Grateful Med, but you pay for the service nonetheless.

I had posted a message few months back stating that Grateful Med Ver 6.0 
(the latest IBM PC version) worked well over TCP/IP connections, and in 
particular worked over SLIP connections to the Internet as well.

If you want to use Grateful Med over a SLIP connection on a PC, you must use 
the EtherSLIP packet driver.  Grateful Med 6.0 uses the TCP/IP stack from 
NCSA Telnet ver 0.94, and this particular version does not talk well to 
other SLIP packet drivers such as SLIP8250 or SLP16550.


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