Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sun Dec 27 08:54:25 EST 1992

Articles that have been posted to bionet newsgroups in the
past can be found easily using Internet Gopher to the IUBio Archive
(located at   In the Network-News/ folder
there is an option to search all of the archived news articles.
I recently found the Medline-thru-Internet information by searching
there on [medline grateful med internet].  Note, you can find prior
articles on methods & reagents here also.

Here is a summary of what you can do to find this info:


                    Root gopher server:
      1.  About-IUBio-Archive  [ 7Dec92, 24kb].
 -->  9.  Network-News/

      1.  About Netnews  [13Aug92, 2kb].
 -->  2.  Bionet News at IUBio archive <?>
      3.  Bionet News via WAIS at Net.Bio.Net <?>
      4.  bionet/

          Bionet News at IUBio archive: medline grateful med internet
      1.  kristoff at G Re: Final 1991 mailing list.
 -->  2.  kleinschmi Re: Medline via Internet & Grateful Med.
      3.  kleinschmi Re: More on Medline and Grateful Med.
      4.  donp at niaid Re: Re: Medline and Internet - any progress?.

-- Don
[ If you need help with Internet Gopher, try anonymous ftp to boombox.micro., in folder pub/gopher/, or to, in folder
util/gopher/ .  Look for the gopher FAQ document.]
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