Plasmid DNA Extraction

Lixin Zhou U09723 at
Wed Dec 30 14:40:03 EST 1992

In article <92364.221112U09723 at>, Lixin Zhou <U09723 at>
>I got troubles in extracting plasmid DNA from Streptococcus
>pneumoniae (Gram-positive).  The plasmid is about 15 kb.
>Pneumococcal chromosomal DNA and plasmid DNA are AT rich (about
>62%).  The method I used is a modified alkali lysis protocol.
>Solution II contains 1% SDS and 0.175 N NaOH instead of 0.2 N NaOH.
>Solution III contains 50 mM Tris.Cl-pH8.0 in addition to 0.1 M
> ....

I have found a mistake in the modified protocol.  0.1 M NaAc-pH4.8
in Solution III should be 3 M.  I misunderstood the modified protocol
which was not mine.

I appreciate the suggestions appearing in Bionet and delivered in my
personal mailbox.

With apologies,

Lixin Zhou
Laboratory for Molecular Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago

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