Dig-labelled DNA & chemiluminescent detection

Thu Feb 27 18:07:00 EST 1992

Greetings, netters! How about some advice? If you have used (or tried to
use) the Boehringer-Mannheim non-isotopic DNA detection methods, 
specifically using the new Lumi-Phos chemiluminescent substrate, please
drop a line to this newsgroup and share your experience with us! An
article in the Jan '92 BioTechniques sung the praises of this method
(of course, it was written by some B-M folks!); after purchasing a kit and
reading the actual technical protocols included, it seems that some 
important details were left out of the article. For instance, the article
claims "approximately 10 min" exposures on X-ray film for single copy
genomic blots; the protocols say to start with a 60-min exposure, but
since the light emission plateaus after 5-6 hours, at *that* point you
can get a 10-15 min exposure. So yes, you can get short exposures, but
first you have to wait!!  Any experience anyone else has had would be
most informative!! Thanks for reading this.

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