PCR product on HPLC

brian at bio.aau.dk brian at bio.aau.dk
Sat Feb 15 06:55:43 EST 1992

Has anyone tried to separate PCR product on HPLC ? 
Currently I have a problem getting separation of two PCR product which is
very similar. The only difference being a deletion of 70 base pair.
I am using a TSK-DEAE-NPR column, this column is capable of separating a
PBR322 HAEIII digest, and especially it is capable of separating the 
fragments with sizes of 400 - 500 base pair.
My PCR products is 430 and 500 base pairs, when they are run in separatly
there is a small but significant separation between them, but when run 
together they elute as a single broad peak.
I hope that there might be someone out there with expirence in separating


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