Reliable binding of proteins to nitrocellulose

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>> Something that is kind of unusual turned up in the current Analytical
>> Biochemistry that may be of interest to protein blotting people.  In the paper,
>> the authors claim to be able to do Western blots onto Xerox paper (that's
>> right, plain copier paper) which had been pre-treated with methanol.  They show
>> very nice Westerns probed with antibody, and claim 3-fold sensitivity over PVDF
>> membrane.  Anyone have a comment on this? (I'm a DNA/RNA blot person, so I am
>> not qualified to assess this method).
>> Daniel Kim
>> kim at
> A reference would be nice.  The "current issue" could be any one of several
> which will arrive here over the next few months.

Surprisingly, I was in luck and found the above paper in the February issue
of Analyt. Biochem.  The reference is:-

Yom, H.-C. and Bremel, R.D. (1992) Xerographic Paper as a Transfer Medium
for Western Blots: Quantification of Bovine alphaS1-Casein by Western Blot.
Analytical Biochem.  200, 249-253.

Daniel's description is accurate and the data presented looks pretty

Apologies to S&S, Millipore etc.  (unless they have been deliberately
witholding this information).

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