Hand Scanner and Autorads

Mon Feb 24 08:28:08 EST 1992

My original post was with respect to PCs. If you are fortunate enough to have a
 MAC, I would suggest trying IMAGE written by Dr. Wayne Rasband at NIH.
    The program is FREE and available by FTP from:
       alw.nih.gov ( in /pub/image
       sumex-aim.stanford.edu ( in /info-mac/app

A review and application to northern blot analysis was presented in
BIOTECHNIQUES (1992) 12:154-158 Correa-Rotter, Mariash & Rosenberg
            "Loading and transfer control for northern hybridization"

If IBM and APPLE would accellerate their "togetherness plan" we
could all have access to the best of both worlds.
Alternatively, is it possible a similar program exists for the MS-DOS world?

Don Back
Department of Biochemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario CANADA

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