Video densitometer

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Fri Feb 21 02:21:24 EST 1992

> Dear Mr. D.Kristofferson:
>                           Sorry for disturbance,but I think you're the
> right person w
> ho could help me.
> We have a video densitometer (Bio-Rad model 620),it looks like workig
> O.K. except that in wide bands with variable density it gives more than
> one peak, and too many bands peaks not accurate .
> It seems difficult reading SDS-PAGE directly on the screen always more
> bands than actually there.
> Please,if anybody you know can help us forward this message to him,I'll
> appreciated very much.
>                                                      Thanks.
>                                                Eng.Raef F. Bishara

I'm going to pass this on to the METHODS newsgroup and hope that
someone can give you an answer.


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				GenBank Manager

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