anti-NH2-terminal B-galactosidase antibodies

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Thu Feb 20 19:09:31 EST 1992

In article <13FEB199209170678 at>, bfrank at (FRANK,BART) writes:
> I am looking for an anti-beta-galactosidase antibody to detect
> fusion proteins expressed from a pUC vector.  These recombinant
> fusion proteins may only have the first 5-20 NH2-terminal
> amino acids of beta-galactosidase before the residues encoded 
> by an insert occur.  

	I used the antibody for beta-galactosidase from Promega to detect my
fusion proteins expressed from p-Bluescript II SK(-). I found most of my clones
have a band  at 116kDa position, but no positive from fusion proteins. I do not
have a explanation for this phenomena.

Ming Cao

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