anti-NH2-terminal B-galactosidase antibodies

FRANK,BART bfrank at
Thu Feb 13 10:17:00 EST 1992

I am looking for an anti-beta-galactosidase antibody to detect
fusion proteins expressed from a pUC vector.  These recombinant
fusion proteins may only have the first 5-20 NH2-terminal
amino acids of beta-galactosidase before the residues encoded 
by an insert occur.  I suspect that many of the anti-b-gal
antibodies on the market are fine for beta-gal fusion
proteins produced from lambda gt11 constructs where essentially
all of the enzyme is present before the insert residues occur.
Have any of you used an antibody that will detect only the
NH2-terminal residues of beta-gal???

Bart Frank

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