Automated DNA isolation

Doug Prasher prasher at HYATT.WHOI.EDU
Wed Feb 12 11:02:03 EST 1992

Fellow Netters,

Do you know of a very efficient method being used to isolate total DNA? 
Has anyone in Netland developed an automated system? 

I am looking for a method, preferably automated, that can be 
adapted for the isolation of mtDNA from moths.  Since the mtDNA will
be used as a template in PCR, final yield is not very important.  
The traditional methods work well in the research lab but are not readily 
adaptable to a high throughput, which we require since  we need to
process thousands of samples.

What `quick-and-dirty' methods (lacking of course any organic
extractions) of isolating total DNA are you familar? 

So long, farewell.

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