Michael Grinner A8101GAD at AWIUNI11.BITNET
Mon Feb 10 06:44:29 EST 1992

To whom it may concern or interest:  We have a gene (cI) cloned under T7
ter control which is very poorly expressed (it lacks the +1 G).  It is ve
portant for us to get enough mRNA to perform toeprinting assays to show a
st once that with or without the +1 G the toeprint is unchanged.  We have
capacity to transcribe the message from either the T3 or SP6 promoters as
  My question is whether there is also a strong preference for these oth
A polymerases for a +1 G (and a reference describing this preference) or
hey less stringent with their transcription?  The cI mRNA naturally lacks
ine-Dalgarno and leader sequence, starting with the A of the AUG.  If any
knows of a reference or suggestion please send the information along.  Th

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