Can PCR be used to nonspecifically applify cDNA's?

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Mon Feb 10 10:32:38 EST 1992

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>Is it possible to amplify cDNA's before cloning using nonspecific PCR?
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It is definitely feasible.  Most protcols that I have seen which deals
with cDNA do not use ligation of adapters to double-stranded cDNA
perhaps due to the problem of loss of 5' sequences.  Most involve
tailing reactions, but one recent one use RNA ligase.  References

PNAS 85:8998 '88.  Classic paper on the RACE protocol (Rapid Amplifi-
cation of C-DNA Ends).

Science 243:217 '89.  A nice application of anchored-PCR (RACE) to
study of T-cell receptors.

Methods in Mol and Cell Biol 2:17 '90.  Describes a nice approach to
limit the size of cDNA for more even amplification using anchored-PCR.

PNAS 88:9623 and 9628 '91.  Two similar papers illustrating the
creative use of general amplification of cDNA's in dissecting the 

PCR Methods and Applications 1:43 '91.  RNA ligase instead of tailing
to get the 5' end of specific cDNA.  I have not thought enought about
whether this approach could work on a heterogeneous population of 

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