E. coli XL1 vs. JM109 genotype

Tony Clementz at Tony.Clementz.mikrbiol.lu.se
Fri Feb 7 08:31:34 EST 1992

	I'm looking for information regarding Escherichia coli strain XL1-
Blue. The strain can be bought from Stratagen who lists the strains genotype 
as identical to E. coli JM109 (except the F'). However working with both 
strains has made it obvious that there must be some fundamental difference 
between them. XL1 grows significantly slower than JM109 and is also more 
prone to lyse. Colonies from XL1 also shows an unusual characteristic of 
"sticking" to the agar. Does anybody have some information on it's genotype 
in addition to the one listed in Stratagen's catalog or maybe information 
about the "ancestor" to XL1.

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