Can PCR be used to nonspecifically applify cDNA's?

Sat Feb 8 12:43:34 EST 1992

Is it possible to amplify cDNA's before cloning using nonspecific PCR?
What I have in mind is making double stranded cDNA using a standard
protocol and the blunt end ligating a specific linker to each end
of the DNA. PCR could then be performed using primers homologous to
the linkers. This would (hopefully) give you nonspecific amplification.

I think I've seen something like this in this newsgroup. Does anyone
have a protocol or a refrence? If not is this likely to work on theoretical
grounds or will you just get loads of short stuff amplified?
Thanks in advance
Ethan Strauss
IO00865 at maine                              RR#1 Box333
Dept Plant biology and Pathology           Old Town Maine, 04468
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