Re> UV cross-linking ovens

Bill Noon p3ay at
Thu Feb 6 11:40:57 EST 1992

I think that UV crosslinking is a great way to bind DNA to a filter, but the
crosslinking "ovens" that companies are trying to sell are a waste of money.
I put together a crosslinker in a couple of hours and the hardware cost about
$120 (the bulk of the cost were the UV bulbs).  It consisted of 6 15W 
germicidal bulbs, mounting fixtures, two ballasts, and a cord.  All this was
put in a sheet metal housing.

I found that with this setup mounted 12" above the filter a 2.5 min exposure 
gives good binding and high signal.

The best thing about this setup is that it allows us to crosslink our large 
format filters (30x40cm) which no commercial unit would fit.

Bill Noon
Genetics and Development, Cornell Univ.

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