A SDS-PAGE minigel problem

Beatriz Gonzalez-Yanes beatriz at pine.circa.ufl.edu
Mon Feb 3 20:31:02 EST 1992

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>Sometimes a yellow strip appears in the blue front
>when a minigel is run (30 mA per gel). The samples 
>in lanes affected by the yellow strip stop migrating 
>immediately. We have not found out any clear reason 
>for this phenomenon. Buffers are new, as are the 
>other reagents we use. As a sample buffer I use 2 x Laemmli
>sample buffer including 10 % beta-mercaptoethanol.
>Does anybody have any troubleshooting suggestions or similar
I've had the same thing happened to me when my samples were acidic (as 
after TCA precipitation, for example). When I took some of the sample 
buffer and added some acid to it I found that it turned yellow.  I
thought then that probably the color of the coomassie 
brilliant blue is yellow at low pH. However, I found that my samples 
still migrated OK. (But it probably was because I was running regular 
size gels and there was enough buffering capacity to allow my samples 
to run fine).

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