Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Mon Feb 3 16:55:42 EST 1992


Since there's been a flurry of PCR-related questions & answers lately,
I thought I'd pose a question towards those who may point out the folly
in my thinking.

	If I had a <mixed> DNA probe of <unknown> sequence, such as that 
	which may be obtained by bacterial genomic subtraction, yet the
	amount of subtracted/mixed probe obtained was too little to obtain
	sufficient detection using chemiluminescence labelling.

	Could this mixed probe be amplified using a PCR adaptation similar
	to an oligo-labelling, except with Taq polymerase instead of 
	Klenow and excess random primers?  (even though the product may
	not identically represent the proportions of probe present in the
	original mixed probe).

		Can anyone comment on the feasibility of this working or
		why it wouldn't work?

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