vector sequences from Dratagene

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Mon Feb 3 16:02:56 EST 1992

>The mail server works very quickly when you use accession numbers;  the adress
>is RETRIEVE at GENBANK.BIO.NET  (case-sensitive), and there must be *no subject
>line*.  the message should be the accession number *and nothing else*.

The address is not case-sensitive.  Here are comlete instructions.



Database entries can be retrieved by either locus name or accession
number.  To use the GenBank Retrieval System, send an electronic
message to RETRIEVE at GENBANK.BIO.NET containing as text (leave the
Subject: line blank) either accession numbers (one per line) and/or
entry names (one per line).  Multiple entries may be submitted in a
single message using the following format:


Each sequence found will be returned in a separate mail message.

The data banks are searched in the order: GenBank New Data, GenBank
current release, EMBL New Data, EMBL current release, GenPept New
Data, GenPept current release, and Swiss-Prot until a match is found.
If an entry exists in both GenBank and EMBL with the same accession
number (the usual case), a query on the accession number will return
the GenBank version of the entry.  If the EMBL-format version is
required, it can be retrieved from the file server at
NETSERV at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE (for instructions send a message containing
the line HELP to that address).  To retrieve GenPept entries, use the
LOCUS name of the corresponding GenBank entry followed by a _1, or _n
where n represents the nth coding region in that GenBank entry.  For
example, ASNTUBBA_1 is the GenPept LOCUS name for the translation of
the first coding region from GenBank entry ASNTUBBA.

Please note that e-mail retrieval server requests are now placed in a
queue for processing versus being handled immediately as was the case
in the past.  Thus it may take a couple of minutes longer now to get
your entries back if many people have submitted requests at the same
time.  This inconvenience was necessary due to the increasing
popularity of the service.  All batch queues on GOS may be monitored
by sending the word QUEUE to SEARCH at GENBANK.BIO.NET.  Retrieval
requests are entered into the "g" queue.


Authors often request that data be held in confidence until after
publication even though they have already been assigned an accession
number for their data.  This adds an additional delay in data release
because the databank staff must ascertain that the data has appeared
in print.  If you have a reference to sequence data but can not
retrieve the data from the e-mail server, please send the literature
reference and accession number (or locus name) to
UPDATE at GENOME.LANL.GOV and the data will be released to the server as
soon as possible.


An electronic version of the sequence data submission form used by the
sequence data banks is also available through the RETRIEVE server.  To
receive a copy, send a message containing the word DATASUB as the only
line.  Instructions for completing and submitting the form are
included.  We would appreciate it if you would use this form only if
you can not use our free Authorin data submission software for the IBM
PC and Macintosh.  Copies of Authorin may be requested by sending
e-mail to authorin at

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to mail them to

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