Taq Ligase and LDR

Leslie A. Johnston-Dow ldow at apldbio.com
Fri Jan 31 14:07:16 EST 1992

 Andrew Walley asked:
Des anyone have any idea where I can obtain Taq Ligase, or any other
thermostable ligase suitable for the Ligase Detection Reaction described
by F. Barany (PNAS 88:189-193). Does anyone have any experience of this
technique - how suitable is it for large-scale screening of a gene for
common mutations ?
I have a co-worker here (Dave Iovannisci), who is presently working with LCR
 (Ligase Chain Reaction). Dave says that Francis Barany is willing to
provide samples to researchers who are interested in trying his enzyme.
 Contact him at:

Dept. of Microbiology
Cornell University MEdical College
1300 New York Avenue, Box 62
New York, NY 10021

Also, Epicentre would not reveal which organism their ligase is purified
from. Dave has recently experienced some problems with their product.

If you need more info, contact Dave directly:
Dave Iovannisci, Ph.D.
Applied Biosystems Inc.

Diagnostic R&D
Applied Biosystems, Inc
ldow at apldbio.com

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