5mC insensitive restriction enzyme

Rolf Sundarp RSUNDARP at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri Jan 31 08:29:11 EST 1992

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> Hi netters,
>    Does anyone out there know any restriction enzymes which only cut
> 5mC-substituted DNA but not normal-based DNA?
>    Please sent to: "R303 at imb.as.tw"
>  Thanks in advance for any information.
> Ching-Ming
> Institute of Molecular Biology
> Academic Sincia
> Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Hi netters,
there is a vector-system based on restriction activity against 5mC-
containing DNA (Noyer-Weidner and Reiners-Schramm, Gene, 66 (1988) 269-278)
They use rglB-nuclease in combination with cloning sites in a ts-Methylase.
In this paper they also metion rglA nuclease cutting CC*GG, whereas rglB
cuts at GGC*C and C*C*GG.
ButoeBut I have never heard about obtaining commercially purified rglA or rglB.

Hope I could help you

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