A SDS-PAGE minigel problem

tronni at nphi.fi tronni at nphi.fi
Thu Jan 30 13:07:46 EST 1992

I have an obscure problem with my SDS-PAGE -minigels.
We use HSI minigel apparatus and prepare our minigels
(8, 10 or 12 %) according to protocol of Sambrook et al.
(Molecular Cloning, 2. ed.). 

Sometimes a yellow strip appears in the blue front
when a minigel is run (30 mA per gel). The samples 
in lanes affected by the yellow strip stop migrating 
immediately. We have not found out any clear reason 
for this phenomenon. Buffers are new, as are the 
other reagents we use. As a sample buffer I use 2 x Laemmli
sample buffer including 10 % beta-mercaptoethanol.

Does anybody have any troubleshooting suggestions or similar

Thank you in advance.

Tapani Ronni
National Public Health Institute
Mannerheimintie 166, 00300 Helsinki, FINLAND

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