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Thu Jan 30 06:16:51 EST 1992

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> Universitaet Muenchen                Email: Hugo.Scheer at Botanik.
> Menzinger Str. 67                           Biologie.Uni-Muenchen.DBP.DE
> D-8000 Muenchen 19                 , den 30.1.1992
> Dear colleagues,
> we are looking for a gel and tlc scanner, which can also scan spectra of
> individual spots. We have checked the Shimadzu 9000, which is basically ok,
> but seems to have very old technology and is limited to 800nm in the red.
> Does anyone know of a machine using diode array detection for scanning
> spectra, and of a machine extending at least to 900nm?
> Thanks in advance, Hugo Scheer

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