Cloning PCR products

Russ Van Gelder vangeldr at cmgm.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jan 29 20:27:57 EST 1992

bhjelle at (Brian Hjelle) writes:

>Hi. I don't have anything to offer on the virtues of ClaI or SacII
>specifically. I recently had good luck with KpnI and XbaI. As far
>as your question about the number of extra bases, it seems to
>me Cetus (or whoever they are now :-)  ) recently stopped talking
>about 2 bases extra on the end and started writing about 3-4
>bases instead. I have had some success with 2 but believe it
>started working better with 3 extra bases.


If you take a look in the back pages of the NEB catalog, there is a 
section on the number of flanking bases required to get a certain 
percentage of molecules cut with several enzymes.  I don't remember
the exact numbers for any enzymes in particular, but Xba was one of
the good ones.

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