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Wed Jan 29 07:17:01 EST 1992

Thanks for all replies to my question on microtube homogeniser pestles. To
 summarise briefly:
In Europe go to your nearest Treff agent (eg Scotlab in UK)
In US go to Kontes
Or do it yourself as described by these 2 replies:
The best source is to manufacture your own.  We put about 250ul of epoxy
or other resin in a 1.5 ml eppi tube.  Before this hardens, we insert
a small headless nail (brad) that has been hammered into the end of a wooden
dowel.  This serves as a handle.

There are two advantages.

1: cheap.
2: guaranteed to fit the brand of eppi tubes that you buy, not a generic
Andrew F. Cockburn          INTERNET: AFC at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
We made homogeniser pestels out of pasteur pipettes. Just brake
the "long and thin" end and melt the tip to form a small ball
that just fits into the eppendorf tube. This pestels work nice
for plantmaterial.

      --> Karsten Niehaus, University of Bielefeld, FRG

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