Eppendorf tube sealing clips

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Tue Jan 28 07:15:54 EST 1992

In article <9201232034.AA00963 at genbank.bio.net>, HUENSD at VAX1.COMPUTER-CENTRE.BIRMINGHAM.AC.UK writes:
> I received a parcel from the States some time ago in which the microfuge tubes
> were held shut with some plastic clips with the name Multi etched on them.
>  Having
> salvaged those used them for some considerable time, I'd like to purchase more
> of these wonderful gizmos.
> Would anyone know whether they are available in the U.K.and if so who the agents
> are?
> Many thanks,
> David Huen

Dear David (and anyone else out there who is curious in the UK),

You can order Multi-lid Lock Clips in various sizes and quantities from

                      BIOQUOTE LIMITED
                      3 Mount Pleasant Court
                      Mount Pleasant, Ilkley
                      West Yorkshire   UK
                      LS29 8TW
                      Tel  0943 609360
                      Fax  0943 816378

Best of luck,

Malia Fullerton
Institute of Molecular Medicine
University of Oxford

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